Past Events

Shakespeare Lecture tour in Germany
International Shakespeare Conference, Stratford-on-Avon
Shakespeare in Performance Conference, New Jersey
Shakespeare Conference, Montpellier, France
Shakespeare Conference, Paris, France
Shakespeare Conference, University College, London
Oxford Literary Festival
Words by Water Literary Festival
Writers in Oxford Talk
Reading at Oxford University Creative Writing Event
Reading at Borders, Oxford

Media Appearances
Front Row, Radio 4
Word of Mouth, Radio 4
German-Swiss Radio Arts Programme
Lotus Radio South Africa
The Angry Grammarian Philadelphia Weekly radio show also on the station’s podcast.
Classic Frock Show, Virginia.

Some responses to Pauline’s talks and radio interviews:
'It went off beautifully. Her answers were crisp and clear and absolutely hilarious. The folk in the studio were in stitches. So thank you once again, looks like it was a hit [with the listeners]!’ South Africa Radio

‘You have become a legend since you came in and spoke, and the actors have spoken of little else all week long. It was tremendously useful as a way of opening up the actors’ imagination, and helping them to think about the text in a new way.’ Dominic Dromgoole’s invitation to talk to actors at Shakespeare’s Globe.

‘Your remarkable book… Thank you for being such a wonderful guest’
One-hour live interview on Hank Conner’s weekly book programme with phone-in callers. Florida Radio.

Half-hour on The Angry Grammarian Philadelphia Weekly radio show. Also on the station’s podcast.

Half-hour radio interview Classic Frock Show, Virginia.