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Shakespeare's Theory of Drama

Peer Reviews
‘Provocative, lucid, learned and carefully argued. An important book that deserves the attention of all students of Shakespeare, his plays, their performances, and their texts… A dazzling piece of writing.’
Professor Thomas L Berger, Modern Language Review

‘This is a ground-breaking book, the kind it is hard to believe hasn’t been written. Kiernan’s deceptively simple argument results in some stunning rereadings of both poems and plays [that] shed genuinely new light. Her reading of the masque in The Tempest and Prospero’s comment on it, a speech virtually fossilized by criticism into a metaphorical comment on life in general, should be required reading for students'
Professor Janette Dillon, Shakespeare Survey

‘This is a radical and original book which robustly contests the familiar image of the “natural” poet with no central aesthetic purpose'
Year’s Work in English Studies

‘You will find excellent discussions of the plays-within-plays. Her argument culminates with an extended reading of
Antony and Cleopatra which enthusiastically observes the actors’ bodies and the characters’ imaginations. Kiernan’s unusually transparent style illuminates her thesis'

Plays International

‘An intellectually stimulating book which will provoke a good deal of thought and controversy'
Review of English Studies

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