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Dialogue Workouts

How do you create dialogue for the highest dramatic and emotional impact for your screenplay? Make it reveal the inner life of your characters in the most powerful yet subtle ways, drive the narrative thread forward without clunky exposition and compel great actors to want to speak it? Above all, how do you make your character unique?

THESE DIALOGUE WORKOUTS offer a radically new and provocative approach for screenwriters who want to create powerful dynamic dialogue.

How you spell-bind an audience into an irresistible involvement with your characters and keep it entranced by that magic till the end of the film – and beyond - is to arouse, provoke, intrigue, disturb, unsettle, excite, exhilarate, frighten, gladden, mesmerize, and delight the audience’s emotions. And dialogue, as with all elements of a screenplay, plays a crucial role in how you achieve all this.

This book focuses on your screenwriting. It shows you how to power up your own screenplay as you’re writing it.

Screenwriting They Can’t Resist

Intensive, practical workouts which focus on your own creative vision and unique storytelling voice

Think Outside The Box sections offering ideas to inspire you

Power Up Your Dialogue Writing Exercises

Be Inspired by the Great Screenwriters who break the dialogue 'rules'

Tarantino's PULP FICTION

Brainstorming prompts for how to make sure your characters are unique

Online resources to look up to see for yourself the topic being discussed at that particular point in the book.:

Weblinks to movie clips

Weblinks to online movie scripts

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