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Structure Workouts

How do you orchestrate your story into a dynamic, unified whole, with intensely dramatic shaping of all the elements that create a screenplay the industry can’t resist? How do you write action lines that leap off the page and make your script ‘breathe’? How do you write the shots without using camera angle directions?

Follow the manuals, trying to squeeze your unique story into a rigid straitjacket called the ‘3-Act Structure’ designed to be universally applied to all scripts is not much help if you’re aiming to write outstanding screenplays that are wholly original and have market potential. Few of the great screenplays follow the so-called ‘rules’ about screenwriting structure.

The secret of shaping your script into a story that keeps your audience spell-bound from beginning to end and beyond, is to find ways to keep everything in your story breathing. Treat your screenplay as though it is a beating heart, a dynamic movement of tension and release and the story starts to weave itself.

Intensive, practical workouts which focus on your own creative vision and unique storytelling voice

Writing The Shots – how to write the shots so that you don’t use camera angle directions?

Be Inspired by Great Screenwriters who break the structure rules

Think Outside The Box sections offering ideas to inspire you

Power Up Your Dialogue Writing Exercises

Brainstorming prompts for making the story breathe

Online resources to look up to see for yourself the topic being discussed at that particular point in the book.:

Weblinks to movie clips

Weblinks to online movie scripts

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